Bronze Sunflower

Bronze Sunflower

This is a lovely, unusual colour Margaret. Sorry you lost the top flower but hopefully you get more.

Thank you Peter and Carole.

More sun is forecast for this week - great detail and colour, Margaret

Absolutely fabulous , what a wonderful colour, your petals look just like velvet well done Margaret

Lovely velvety texture Margaret and a rare beauty.

Wonderful vibrancy and detail Margaret, beautiful painting.

Beautifully drawn Margaret. Gorgeous flower.

Superb picture Margaret, beautifully rich in colour and detail. Very nice work.

Fantastic Margaret, you have done her proud! Hope your other sunflowers open for another painting:). Margaret can you get many layers of colour on this paper being so smooth?

Many thanks all for your great comments. Carole, thanks. I did seven layers of three different colours in each petal, the trick is to use very light layers, I could have added more layers if I had used zest it but I decided I had reached the colour I wanted. I then blended using a splender blender pencil (first time use) and found it wonderful for making the petals look like velvet. I really like using this smooth paper and prefer the Strathmore make of Bristol board. Margaret

It's a beautiful colour Margaret, so different from the normal yellow, it reminds me very much of a Gerbera, you really do have patience with the coloured pencils 😀

Beautiful unusual colour Margaret and I like the way you've done the middle of the flower head.

beautiful work Margaret

An amazing drawing Margaret! Nice details and an exciting colour scheme. I love the complementary contrasts.

Lovely work Margaret.

Really "tasty". Great amount of detail.

Another lesson in Coloured Pencil !

Wow. Margaret, this is just beautiful. Your coloured pencil flowers are lovely.

You are all so kind and I thank you so much for your lovely comments.

Love the texture of the petals,looks like velvet, Margaret, a beautiful bronze sunflower.

Thank you so much Annick.

Hang on Studio Wall

9"x12" Coloured pencil, Vellum Bristol Board. This is my own sunflower, a colour I've never seen before, a beautiful bronze. Sad to say that last week as I was tying it up after some rain, the top flower broke off - I nearly cried! Glad I had taken a photo though. There are more flowers coming so I hope we have some sun this week.

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March 2019 I am self taught, reading from books and watching dvd's and of course YouTube. Watercolour painting was my first love and then I moved on to coloured pencils which I like very much. I have just started using acrylics which are a very different medium but so far I'm enjoying using them…

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