Dexie again

Dexie again

The fur textures and those eyes are fabulous, Margaret.

what a lovely reminder of your little dog beautifully done Margaret

Simply gorgeous drawing Margaret, lovely work.

Dexie 's eyes and fur are beautifully executed,I have portraits of three dogs on my wall, it is comforting to you look at them.An excellent portrait, Margaret.

What a cute little chap he was Margaret. You've made such a good job of his beautiful eyes.

Lovely colours and the eyes are beautifully drawn, another great painting 😃

Bless him! Your attention to detail has made this something quite special more ways than one.....a treasure.

Well, you've done a terrific job with Dexie. It's an absolutely stunning drawing, Margaret. Looks like a painting to my eye, and speaking of eyes, Dexie's are top drawer. Beautiful. Bri

This is lovely Margaret, especially the eyes and fur. Amazing results with coloured pencils.

Great pencil portrait Margaret. So sorry to hear you no longer have this lovely dog.

Very nice work Margaret.

Many thanks everyone, I really appreciate your kind words.

A gorgeous subtle drawing Margaret!

Great drawing Margaret. A lovely reminder of beautiful little Dexie.

Thank you Detlev, Maria and John, really appreciated.

The fur and eyes are terrific. Another coloured pencil Wow !

beautiful painting of dexie margaret

Beautifully done. Great job on those eyes and hair. So sad. You must miss him.

This is terrific Margaret! You have certainly found your medium!

Thank you Jennifer so much for your very kind comment.

Hang on Studio Wall

My lovely dog Dexie who went to doggy heaven last year. I have drawn him before but now that I've had more practice with coloured pencils I think I've made a better job so I've taken the old one off! The white marks around his eyes are where he was going grey!

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