Fiona's Fabulous Lily

Fiona's Fabulous Lily

Gorgeous drawing Margaret, some delicate work involved.

Beautifully drawn and wonderful colours. Well done.

The white tips are clear enough, Margaret. Superb drawing as ever.

I love these lilies!

Beautifully drawn as usual Margaret. The white tips are perfect and the petals are a lovely strong colour yet so delicate. Have you tried Clairefontaine Paint on Gris paper? I like using it for drawing white dogs. My favourite is Bristol Board for coloured pencils but the Gris is quite smooth so takes a pencil quite well.

Wow Margaret, this looks stunning, you’ve done a beautiful representation of the flower.

This is lovely Margaret. The white shows up beautifully and blends in well with the background. I like the little rust bits ( stamen ) ? You have done them so subtly. Hope they didn't make a mess on your clothes. Terrible stains to get out.

Thank you everyone for your very kind comments, I really appreciate them.

I think you could call it Margaret's fabulous lily! Yes the white does show up very well.

a lovely painting of a beautiful flower, one of my favourites well done Margaret

Fabulous lily Margaret really beautiful.

Beautiful, Margaret.

Brilliant Margaret. I understand what you mean about white but it works. Think I must have more patience ( not easy for me !! ) to achieve better results.

Lovely one again Margaret. You make a great job with coloured pencils.

Thank you all for taking the time to comment, glad you like this.

This deserves a WoW! Beautifully drawn Margaret.

Thank you so much Sarah.

Thought I would return the compliment - I love all your work - very sensitive with great colour.

Hang on Studio Wall

9"x12" Coloured pencil on Bristol Board. I'm just hoping the white tips of the petals show up enough, being white it's quite hard to show up on white paper.

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