My Boy Jake

My Boy Jake

I love dogs Margaret and Jake looks so handsome. His eyes are wonderful.

He looks gorgeous and beautifully painted, such good faithful expression in those eyes, Margaret. Must get round to painting our Sunny, who's gone blind but still has wonderful expressive eyes...unconditional love in Jake's and Sunny's eyes!

Goodness Margaret, this is ridiculously good. So much detail without looking 'tight', and those eyes!

What a beautiful portrait Margaret.The eyes are stunning.

Fine work Margaret, great and typical expression -well caught.

he looks a beautiful boy superb pencil work Margaret

He looks lovely

Lovely eyes. Cant say no to a walk when he looks at you like that !

He has the same eyes as our Ben had. Lovely dog you have there, Margaret, and a cracker of a drawing. Brian

Gorgeous Jake! Beautifully done Margaret.

Lovely, Margaret.

Those eyes Margaret ! So expessive. Have found out about blender on Google. Next trip to Art Supply shop ! Thanks.

He looks lovely. You have done a great job on the eyes which has given him a really intelligent look. Well done.

Thank you so much for all your very kind comments. I'm ploughing on with coloured pencils as I like using them so much!

Superb crisp clear work.

Part of the family no doubt Margaret. Looks an amiable character.

This is lovely Margaret, the forehead is so velvety in texture, brilliant 😀

Lovely drawing Margaret

Many thanks Jim, Linda and Glennis.

lovely painting of ahandsome chap

Oh, Margaret he’s gorgeous. Those eyes are amazing.

Just look at those eyes! Great job on your doggie Margaret.

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments.

Beautiful dog Margaret, you're very good with those pencils.

Your so kind Sandra, when I look at some of the cp artists I hope one day I would be able to do what they do😀

I love this painting! You've captured such a sweet expression in his eyes. I have a photo of my little chihuahua that I want to attempt to paint...not sure I'm there yet, but this has inspired me to give it a try.

Thank you so much Jacqueline.

He is so handsome. His expression is wonderful. I have to say a big thank you to introducing me to the colour pencils. they are terrific and I am totally sold on them.

Hang on Studio Wall
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A3 Bristol Board and coloured pencils. This is my own dog who is very black so I tried to show highlights on him.

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