My Anemones

My Anemones

Really lovely, Margaret,

So lovely...yeah, have to celebrate them, bit like me with the pansies!

Anemones are wonderful , all that colour and velvety petals . Thank you Margaret for commenting on my sheep .

Thank you so much Seth, Thalia and Sylvia, I think Spring is finally on the way.

You are getting great texture on those petals, I'll have to give my coloured pencils another go...great work, Margaret.

Such gorgeous colour Margaret these are really lovely.

Love your anemones very much , beautifull work,gorgeous colours, Margaret.

Really beautiful.

Very pretty and such a gorgeous colour. My mum's favourite flowers.

Beautiful Margaret. Super subtle colouring.

Thank you everyone, really appreciated

Beautiful botanical painting Margaret.

A lot of work in this.... super colour Margaret....

So vibrant, Margaret. A nice to see them at different angles. I think the side portrait has the look of a butterfly spreading its wings. Beautiful.

Posted by C Jones on Mon 16 Apr 07:01:09

I can't draw flowers Margaret, but I know that you can, and draw them very well. What an amazing colour, and beautifully captured in pencil.

A beautiful shade of blue, I love these flowers Margaret, and you have captured them so well. 😀

A beautiful shade of blue Margaret, you’ve captured that lovely feathery edge.

Lots of work here, Margaret! Great colour!

Vibrant is the word Margaret.

My thanks to all who have taken the time to comment.

Lovely! I've never been able to grow these :(

Hang on Studio Wall

A4 Bristol Board and coloured pencils. My gorgeous anemones are out so I just had to draw them.

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