Detailed study of a Jay's wing.


Superb - lovely

Absolutely beautiful, such skilled artwork.

Wow very detailed

Such skilled work , and it looks do good , beautifully painted.

Wonderful! I hope you didn’t have to dissect the jay

Thankyou for your kind comments everyone. Linda, absolutely not, no bird was harmed and no dissections were performed during the making of this painting. I used several internet references i could find to create the finished imaged.

Stunning, shows great patience you have

I’ll admit it, I was put off looking at it at first.. but glad I did. So relieved it wasn’t a real wing. Amazing detail you’ve got with watercolour, Christopher. And beautiful subtle colour changes.

Christopher, truly a work of art, exceptional painting and talent.

Beautiful and beautifully painted

Thankyou Romila, Marjorie, Fiona and Heather.

A beautifully detailed study Christopher.

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour study of a Jay's wing. The idea of trying a study like this came from Albrecht Durer's study of a Blue roller bird wing, a piece of Renaissance art that always amazes me no mater how much i look at it, as do most of his great works. This is my attempt to honour the great man.

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