Nephew Riley

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Amazing portrait and especially as you say it's not something you normally do - look forward to seeing more!

Great result 'with what you had' Christopher!

This is wonderful! Excellent result, despite your compromises on materials.

This is beautifully accomplished and I love the very natural expression Christopher.

It's fantastic Christopher!

The thing with "family" portraits is they will be passed on and in a hundred years his great-grand children will say -this was our great-grand father Riley when he was seven, way back in twenty first century. I am serious!

...and it is a very fine picture indeed. Jiri

Well it’s worked out very well! It’s a lovely portrait and will be treasured I’m sure.

Thankyou very much, great comments Heather, Russell, Linda, Carole, Diane, Jiri , Christine, i must try to invest in some portrait material and expand my joy of art challenges. Jiri, i never thought of that, its a great thought, i really would like to believe it would be in the family 100 years from now, or even 300!

This is so good - especially for someone who doesn't normally do portraits.

This is done so nicely, especially considering you just used what you had available. Excellent :)

Hang on Studio Wall

This is my Nephew Riley. I used Charcoal, the few pastels i have, and watercolours. I dont do portrait type work and lack any real media for it, so i had to mix it up a bit with what i had available .

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