Tian Tian, the Giant Sleeping Panda

Tian Tian

Another good one!

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Painted in A3 Moleskine Sketchbook with acrylics from a photograph taken on a visit to Edinburgh Zoo last week. The panda's seemed to be just as tired out by the hot weather as we were. This is Tain Tian (also known as Sweetie), she is one of two Panda's at Edinburgh Zoo. Both pandas have very similar, but separate, enclosures as giant pandas are entirely solitary animals that only meet once a year during the breeding season.

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Carrie Flinte

My website - https://cfgallerystudio.bookmark.com/ I picked up my first paint brush in May 2020 whilst being furloughed from my job, and have very much been bitten by the painting bug. I have tried different mediums, including oils, pencils, pastels and watercolour, but I love working with…

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