Early morning, River Avon

Early morning, River Avon

Maybe the photograph does not do it justice, but I really like your composition and the distribution of lights and darks. Great atmosphere.

Thank you Sharon! I'm glad you noticed the composition and counterchange, because they're what I lack confidence in in trying to do my own work rather than copying (which is great for learning) but I've reached a point where I need to push myself out of my comfort zone. I did a few sketches and tonal studies before painting this, so I'm pleased you think those things work.

P.S. The postman has just delivered a book on Wesson to add to my collection and I'm feeling all re-inspired to have another go at simplifying, single washes etc!

Caroline, I love to see loose simple washes in other peoples work, but I notice I'm not at ease with them in my own paintings ; maybe we do just have to enjoy what we're comfortable with? Your painting shows your own style, and that's a great achievement.

I like your colours Caroline, the trees are good in this good composition.

Ah thank you Carole, the composition and the trees are about the only things I like in this so that's nice to hear!

Lovely colours and like the trees as well Caroline

I bet you've had a wonderful day looking through your new book Caroline! I flounder with foregrounds, what to put in what to leave out? I try and start off simple but if it looks too much of a quiet space, I flick a few grasses in. This has a strong composition and you have given the painting the atmosphere you wanted to project. As Sharon has said, it's yours so well done.

I know what you mean, Sharon, yet I imagine I'll always be battling with my own pernickety nature! Thank you very much, Ros and Fiona, and yes I did indeed enjoy at least a quick look at my book, on watercolour impressionist painters by Ron Ranson.

nice one Caroline lovely nice to see your a member of the watercolour loose club

Thank you Alan, I see that I posted a comment on your painting at exactly the same time!

? Maybe just a few more of the warm marks in the snow For a little colour excitement or a figure with red clothing. Just an idea but I am sure others will say no!

Alan, I'm thinking you must be a medical person, putting the question mark at the start.... Yes, I agree with you about putting some warm in as a contrast. I felt the painting was too cold although obviously it's of a cold day (the photograph was of a frosty morning but it does look snowy). I weighed up whether to put a figure in but felt it might look a bit cheesy, but yes, it does need something. My husb suggested sheep but I'll have a go with a fresh painting, I think, and leave this as it is.

Hang on Studio Wall

The colours haven't been reproduced quite right but anyway, I painted this from a photo in a recent newspaper. I can see things I don't like about it, of course, but for once I'm going to resist listing them. I'm happy at least that it's my own work, my goal this year. I wanted to paint it 'loose', but the foreground and mid ground went badly and I had to rescue it. I'll try again, I think. On Bockingford NOT, 15" x 11".

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