Down the lane

Down the lane

Beautiful painting!!

Agreed, love the leaning tree's, the hedgerows, the perspective is great as well as well and the dog walker is the perfect finishing touch Caroline

Really lovely feel to this painting

Yes - I agree with all the above comments - nice one Caroline.

Thank you so much, Linda, Ros and Sheridan, for your kind comments. Looking at it again, I think the figures are quite small in relation to the trees, so in my painting I've since decided they're children and have added a taller grown up walking ahead of them! Question - advice welcome - how do you decide the size that's going to be right? I put the figures in as it looked a bit empty without them, so I didn't have any references.

I love it - can almost see me walking down that lane with my dog too

Michael and Pamela, thanks for your encouraging comments! Of course I can see all the things I consider wrong with it so it's really good to get such positive feedback.

Hi Caroline I think that they look fine don't forget trees come in all sizes!If your not sure about size what I do before putting paint to paper is cut out shapes of the people and try them first you can then gauge the size against background .Hope that helps:)Linda

Thanks Linda, I'll do that. Now I've added a grown up, the dog looks like a ferret running after them! Sigh. Must Stop Fiddling.

Yes, stop fiddling and overanalysing,says she who can be very self-critical about her work! I looked at this and recognised it as yours; Lovely effect and very evocative.

I agree with Linda and Gudrun; the figure is fine - I think that being small compared to the trees is what helps give the painting atmosphere and makes it stand out. I like it as it is!

Thank you so much, Heather and Gudrun! I'm feeling super-encouraged. Yes, sadly, over-analysing is the story of my life! And Heather, it would never have occurred to me that the size relations between the figures and the trees help give it atmosphere - really interesting and helpful.

Hope you have a speedy recovery Caroline. There is so much harmony in this painting very well done!

Thank you Carole, I'm feeling a lot better. I tried to keep to the proverbial limited palette so I'm pleased you see harmony in it.

Hi Caroline just seen your lovely comment on my 'room for one more' pastel drawing of the swan and cygnets on its back on black paper, thanks for taking a look at that and commenting, cheers

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On Bockingford Not, 15" x 11". Some improvements, some backward steps, but a therapeutic painting, slowly recovering from the dreaded norovirus.

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