Down to the river

Down to the river

A nice and fresh watercolour, with good clean washes.

Great stuff Caroline.Very nice

Well done, Caroline, Simple and very effective. There is also a lot of depth in it. Love it!

It's a great painting Caroline; lovely light summery sky, misty distant hills, warm tones in the near trees and a lovely broad shadow. Super!!!

It's so encouraging posting work and then getting good comments, especially when it hasn't turned out how I'd envisaged it in my head (not that rare with watercolour, I guess). Thanks everyone, very much appreciated.

Caroline I do like your landscapes which you handle with such assurance. On my last posting you kindly commented and asked how I painted the sky. I did post a reply but in case you miss it I repeat it here - and apologise for the length. My skies - I must say at the outset that it's difficult to desribe it and is best demonstrated but here goes. I make up 3 washes: raw sienna ( very thin) , Ultramarine and a third variable wash of ultramarine and light red. I then paint the outlines of the clouds with clear water leaving a lot of the paper dry. The paint is applied with a large brush (nothing less than a size 16 and sometimes a wide flat brush. The raw sienna is applied to the clouds and towards the horizon. The variable wash is used to desribe the clouds using different strengthe and different mixes (I don't mix the wash very well in the palette which allows me to dip in a variety of shades and strengths without having to keep mixing new washes. Having applied the colours I then use a damp brush to soften the edges of the clouds and mix the clours a bit on the paper. This does away with some of the white paper patches but leaves some patches which help add sparkle to the finished work. The secrets are having enough washes made up in the first place and painting it at speed - I usually do the sky in about 3/4 minutes and then leave it alone to dry. Phew - hope this helps.

Thank you Michael, I'll reply on your painting's page in more detail, but thanks very much for your kind comment - gosh, I assure you I never feel assurance - quaking but trying to be bold and brave is more like it! But how nice to hear that it at least looks confident.

Hang on Studio Wall

After a painting by Andrew Pitt. On Bockingford, quarter Imperial.

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