Pink Summer Stocks in a Blue Jug I

Pink Summer Stocks in a Blue Jug I

Your flowers are very nice Caroline. You say that it's difficult to paint flowers which are all the same colour. You could always introduce other colours. In this painting, you could have added mauves, blues and left some of the flowers at the base of the vase as white or paler pinks/purples. The dark negative painting would have picked them out.. You don't have to paint the flowers in the exact colours that you see. As I said, it's a nice painting, but I just feel that you could have added more colour, but keeping to the pink tones. Hope that this is all making sense :) While I'm rambling on, you could also add more colour to the vase, perhaps a little pinky wash over the blue to reflect the flowers? It is a good composition though and the flower shapes are excellent.

Thanks Larry for the encouragement. And Louise, your comments are really useful. As soon as I read them I knew what you meant. I was pleased with myself for having a go at a slightly harder elliptical angle, so I'm glad you like the composition! There's so much to think about with watercolour, isn't there. Thanks very much for the help.

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Comments gratefully received - I did two versions of this - this was the first, and I felt it was rather too detailed and didn't have the loose impressionistic look I was after. I discovered that it's quite hard to paint flowers which are pretty much one colour, as I had to paint a bit too fast to try to avoid hard lines.

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