Pink Summer Stocks in a Blue Jug II

Pink Summer Stocks in a Blue Jug II

Pretty flowers Caroline. Might I suggest washing in a darker blue in the shadow areas of the jug? It would help make the jug a little more solid and rounded, and also contrast against the reds and pinks of the flowers? Just a thought!

Tony, your thoughts are most welcome! Yes, you're right, I see what you mean about the jug. I wasn't sure how to approach painting flowers - I wanted to avoid making them cute and twee - but these stocks really were lovely, and I thought I'd have a go. It was tricky to indicate the jug's round form, as I was trying to do it in one quick, wet-in-wet wash, and it just doesn't look quite right. I'll give your suggestion a go. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

I really struggle with flower studies Caroline, so can't give you any advise really. I like to paint fairly loose and find flower subjects make me want to put lots of detail into them. I couldn't have done as good a job of this image as you have......well done.

Oh thank you, Fiona, that's what I'm always aiming for too, and it was a challenge because I had to do the flowers all in one go so that the paint stayed wet. I hadn't planned to do the pen work afterwards, but felt it might give it a little bit more definition as it was almost TOO loose really without.

Hang on Studio Wall

On Bockingford 10" x 8". I bought these stocks ten days ago, and having put off painting them I just managed to catch them before they went to flower heaven. I'll also post Version I shortly.

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