Mill pond

Mill pond

Caroline, there is nothing wrong with your sky, it looks blustery as do your tree's, great atmosphere!

Thanks Fiona, blusteriness more of a happy accident than skill but what am I saying, I should probably just pretend it was all planned, shouldn't I!

A agree with Fiona - sky is fine - so is the rest of this lovely watercolour - nice one Caroline

Thank you very much for that, Michael. I've been using practice paper for months and have only just started using Bockingford again. The paint dries faster on it, and I ran out of time to put the Light Red and Raw Sienna on while the Winsor Blue was still damp.

lovely jubbley nice one and restraint in your folliage to.(so nice)........... now we are on our way

Good stuff Caroline.As we'd say here(sand maybe there) "now we're suckin' diesel"

Hi Caroline - a quick note of thanks for you comment (Room with a view?). while I agree, something 'aint quite right there I don't see a slice of cheese! But your comment made me chuckle anyway. Good to see you paying attention to Alans work - he is such a good artist, and genuine nive bloke too. all the best.

Hi Tony, very glad you took my comment in the spirit it was meant! The more I tried to explain myself, the more it looked like I was going on about it. Oh dear. I need to go and have a lie down (and not have cheese-related nightmares I hope).

Hang on Studio Wall

This is after a Sketch of the Day by Alan Owen, in its turn after, I think, a James Fletcher Watson picture. I wasn't happy with the overworked sky, but decided to plough on regardless for the learning experience.

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