Winter sun, Granada

Winter sun, Granada

Smashing work. Lovely place and everybody should see The Alhambra at least once in their lives Caroline. I've been there three times back a few years.

Beautiful pen and wash Caroline.

Bet you wish you were back there Caroline! It's a super sketch book image with great pen work. Will you do something larger from this?

Striking scene, beautiful sunshine Caroline.

Lovely sunny holiday atmosphere, Caroline...

So nice to get your lovely comments, Jan, Carole, Fiona, Marjorie and Jim. A friend asked me the same thing, Fiona, I must say it hadn't occurred to me - I find it hard to maintain the interest once I've done something - how about you? And Jim, yes, I hadn't really registered much about the Alhambra but what a beautiful, stunning place, and Granada is just great, I'd love to go back one day.

Thank you Caroline!! You just revel in the warmth while we shiver. Lovely sketch. I hope to see more, or even paintings from this excursion.

Yes, I'm the same Caroline. The very few times I will do something again is only down to frustration, with the thought that it's not going to beat me.....but that's probably down to my bloody mindedness rather than getting something right! lol

Thank you Gudrun, sadly I'm back in London and getting used to 3 degrees instead of 16. I found it difficult to sketch - I'm glad I did this one, I get bogged down in I don't know what, worries about perfection?

Haha Fiona, again I'm the exact same, sometimes I can really relate to Basil Fawlty pointlessly thrashing his broken-down car with a branch.

Hang on Studio Wall

Pen and wash from my sketchbook. Hard to believe I was sitting on a wall in Granada two days ago warming my bones.

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