Field of gold

Field of gold

Lovely summer scene Caroline, can almost hear Sting singing in the background!

Lovely to hear from you, and thank you, Stephen! I have shall we say eclectic music tastes ranging from opera to Led Zeppelin, but I do love the guilty pleasure that is Fields of Gold by Sting.

You will remember all those little incidents every time you look at your painting in the future Caroline. Which, by the way , is a very sunny, tranquil scene. Lovely.

Beautifully captured. love the marks particularly the crop.

A beautiful way to spend a summers afternoon Caroline, in lovely countryside painting a lovely painting. Well done.

Super painting Caroline!

Caroline this is it! The tree's and foreground textures are so well done. What a memory you will have, triggered every time look at this.

Thank you VERY much for all the kind comments! You're right, I think I will remember those things when I look at it, and forget the horse flies hopefully.

Beautiful painting, Caroline - so peaceful...

Probably the best way to paint Caroline. Very good tonal values in there and good brush marks.

Did you use water-mixable oils, Caroline, or traditional oil paints?

Traditional oil paints, Jan. I don't really like water mixable oils, though I've heard Cobra are good so I might give them a try. I don't take a medium, I just have the odourless mineral spirits container which I occasionally dip the brush tip into if the paint is too thick. I'm also trying some alkyd oils but for me they dry almost too fast. I haven't been plein air painting very long so I'm still finding how things work outside.

Lovely sunny, warm and dry scene. Love the wheat/barley.

Beautiful painting Caroline!

Hang on Studio Wall

Plein air, 8" X 10" oil on canvas board. What a perfect way to spend a summer's afternoon. Three things happened while I painted this en plein air - a barn owl flew slowly across the field towards me; a family of four wrens (parents and fledglings?) appeared from the hedge; the farmer came and harvested the barley.

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