'Lemon' 5" X 7" oil on canvas board

'Lemon' 5" X 7" oil on canvas board

Really looks good to me Caroline. Actually I am with you in that I can't do more than one painting of any subject. There was one artist who appeared in an art mag. last year, who painted the same scene each day for a year - 365 paintings!

nice painting Caroline , I agree its hard you get bored of it and then lose enthusiasm and that shows instantly .

Beautiful Caroline so eloquent

Thanks Dennis, Adele and Dennis. Adele, was it Kevin Macpherson? I have his book, from eBay, Reflections on a Pond, where he painted the lake scene from or just outside his house in New Mexico over five years but sticking to the actual calendar dates to make up a year. Incredibly he uses 3 colours only, Ultramarine, Cad Yellow Light, Crimson Alizarin. It's pretty much my favourite art book of all time. Every 6" X 8" painting completely different, some moonlit. I'd love to know if it was someone else in the article.

No Caroline - Think it was hills or mountains - might have been in Scotland, but I remember thinking that I could never do that! I've seen one that paints the same scene for every season, and that I can understand but does it change that much from day to day?

I wonder who it was? I know, I'd have thought exactly the same, but each painting is so different. It's astonishing - just the mountain in the background can be golden, or grey, or dark blue, pink, etc etc, depending on the time, the weather and so on. A real eye opener.

I like this lemon very much. I also cannot do the same things too often.

Thank you very much, Gudrun. I'm about to paint it again but have cut it into pieces, so it's quite different. As Dennis says, it's the boredom that gets into the painting and it shows.

This is making my mouth water Caroline. Super stuff :)

Thank you, Carole and Gudrun. I was over-ambitious trying to paint lemon quarters today and ended up wiping it and 'tidying up' (I.e. Banging and crashing around the back room in an arty meltdown), so it's extra nice to find your comments this evening!

When it's the Autum and Winter terms of my oil class I know there are going to be LOTS of Lemons. To be honest, I find it very difficult to paint the same thing over and over ......but.....I really do like painting lemons!! This, by the way is a beauty!! It's one I wish I had painted.

Wow, thank you, Fiona! I'd love to see your paintings of lemons - do you have any on here?

Hi Caroline, there are several 'lemons' in lessons in oil 2015 and oils 2016 on my gallery. Some very bad and some passable as lemons. I think my favourite one is the one with the lobster.....very rough but I like it.

Hang on Studio Wall

Lemons... So much harder than they look... Limited myself to 2 hours. I tried to do another study of this lemon today and after 2 hours I wiped it. I find it difficult to paint the same thing more than once, how about you? I can't maintain the interest though I'm sure I'd learn a lot.

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