Somerset fields

Somerset fields

Well I've just had a go at acrylic for the first time so we are both in much the same boat - having said that I am quite envious of what you have achieved here - super result.

Thank you so much, Michael. It's interesting trying new materials, isn't it. It feels such a luxury not needing to 'conserve the whites' like you do in watercolour. Acrylics are different again, aren't they, because they behave so differently to oils and dry so fast. It's taking me a long time to realise I can move the oil around for days if I want to!

Great loose style. Looks like what a march day should look like.

Caroline, I would have missed this completely thanks to the mass postings - saw your Forum post though! Given the very (very!) limited palette particularly, I think you've done really well here; you've got depth, recession, tonal contrast or chiaroscuro.... keep at it: it is indeed VERY different from watercolour; and painting with regular oils would be somewhat different, but less so. No criticisms at all - if you can do this now, you have a future to make us all tremble.....

great work Caroline ,watercolours came in handy you fell into oils easy,with no trouble.and very good. like you say good to try new stuff .I do hope to try oils again when the weather improves ,I cant use oils in the house .will have to be outside in my garage .how did you store your oils in the class ,I remember at art school we had racks ,to push them into .untill the next day,when we carried on with them ,I will have to make a carrier of some kind with spacers ,all the best Alan

Thank you very much, Sylvia, Robert and Alan, I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. Robert, I'm beaming! Alan, yes, starting off painting in watercolours has by chance really suited me - I reckon if I'd tried oils first, I wouldn't have had the patience to stick at tricky old watercolour. My oils class was once weekly, and we put our paintings into horizontal racks. I have some Zest-It medium ready to try when I start using proper oil paints - maybe Robert et al can advise - it smells lovely!

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Week 3 of a learning to paint in oils class, painted from a photograph of countryside, with a dark ultramarine/burnt umber base coat in acrylic paint, and then oil paints and scraping in with palette knife and end of brush, sgraffito-style. I think we had ultramarine, cadmium yellow and burnt umber, Artisan paints, and an hour and a half! Stating the obvious here, but so different from painting in my usual watercolours!

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