Three red peppers

Three red peppers

I remember it too. It was impressive then, not just as your first acrylic, and it's impresive now.

Thanks again Tony! Good timing - I've put away my watercolour paints today unitl (lucky me) I go to an Andrew Pitt 'Wesson Pen and Wash' weekend course shortly - I'm going to have a go with acrylics again now, so your comment's very encouraging.

I missed this the first time Caroline, it's brilliant for your first acrylic well done. You ARE a very lucky girl going on the pen & wash course. I love Wesson's work, do you have any other info on the course please?

Thanks Larry and Fiona for the encouragement, it all helps! Yes, I'm excited to be going on the course. I bought an Andrew Pitt dvd from Larry a while back, so in fact I must blame him for my spending more money and going on it. It's at the Watershed Studio on the north Essex coast:

Thank you for the info Caroline, I'm off to check the link. Thanks again.

Hang on Studio Wall

(Sorry, created a new portfolio and had to re-post this). I basically followed an exercise in an Ian Siddaway teaching book but with three fresh long sweet peppers set up on the table.

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