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The Magpies & ponds 03 12 2019 003 650 pix

Love this 💕

Posted by Jackie P on Tue 03 Dec 20:24:26

That's very kind of you, Jackie. Thank you very much. Bri

Superb painting the magpies add so much to the scene.

Thank you very much, Dixie, for the generous comments. Much appreciated. I think I'll tilt one of the mag's heads to vary the pose and maybe soften the dark plumage, perhaps adding some blue tones. Bri

So good - love the touch of the two little birds not seen at first glance

Really lovely Brian love the light.

Well I’ve been working on a series of snow scenes for a week or two now Brian, I just can’t wait for the snow to arrive so that I can get out and do some oil sketches from life! You’ve created a fabulous and interesting atmosphere here, that’s what painting is about for me. Great job.

What a beautiful,tranquil palette . Beautifully atmospheric. I agree that the magpies add an interesting touch. I also think your idea of tilting one is interesting.

Perhaps a magpie pecking on the ground in foreground?

This is a nice painting Brian , I like the glowing light eminating from the centre and creating the atmosphere.

There's a lovely glow here Brian. You always seem to achieve this in your snowscenes. ( And the usual stillness that is there with freshly fallen snow )

Wow, Brian I love the way the light is glowing on the water and snow, those two cheeky magpies keeping watch and the overall luminescence you have achieved. Don’t change a thing.

Wow!! Thank you very much indeed, everybody, for the amazing comments. Truly appreciated. I'm so pleased the tranquil mood is coming through, because I was going for serenity at the end of a cold, cold day, and really wasn't sure how it would be received. I have one more to complete before Christmas then I'm done till the new year. Best to all and thank you once again. Bri

A sense of absolute wintry stillness. Marvelous mood piece, love the light.

There’s a kind of hushhhhhhhh in your snow scenes Brian, that you capture so well. I can feel the cold falling by the degree and as always, your two Magpies set the scene. I feel you are right about the Magpies, maybe a little uniformed in their placement?

Beautiful treatment of the snow and light Bri, it certainly has the brrr factor. I agree about the magpies. Maybe they’re frozen to the branches?! Just a little change of angle to one would make a difference. X

Thank you very much, Lew, Fiona and Tessa, for the great comments. Much appreciated, as always. Yes, I'll slightly change the magpies, adding a beak, probably two, to emphasise the difference in pose. Ah, Fiona and Tessa, I believe you're right; a touch more spontaneity would help, so I will follow your advice. Delighted you liked. Best to all Bri

Superbly painted Bri,I too love the 'warm' glow you've so cleverly achieved in contrast to those icy blue shadows, tranquility abounds.

I love the colours you’ve chosen for this piece, very soothing and lovely.

Thank you very much, Russell, for the generous comments. Absolutely delighted you liked. Appreciated. Thank you very much, Rosella, for the kind comments. It was good to read "soothing". Appreciated. Best to both Bri

Thank you very much, Maureen, for the kind comment. Much appreciated. Bri

Such an atmospheric painting Brian and the magpies add that touch of difference....

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on canvas, 50 x 40 cms. This is my first winter scene of the season, so I'm simply thawing my hands out. I just wanted a run out with the magpies again because I've been offline for a few days due to pc problems. I'm thinking about adding something else to the foreground but what that might be is anybody's guess. Largely wet in wet.

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