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  • Hi Paul, good to see a nice peaceful watercolour on the site! And this is very well drawn and painted, the perspective is very good and the watercolour very well handled, with nice reflections -well done that man!

    Posted by Stephen Slater on Thu 15 Sep 12:04:13
  • Paul you have beaten me to it with this view of Bruges, you have done an excellent job of it so I may just wait a while before trying it , I hope I can match this one when I do.

    Posted by william Dennis on Thu 15 Sep 16:39:16
  • What a lot of work, this must have taken a great deal of time. The perspective is so well done and the detail so intricate. Lovely soft reflections compliment the harder lines of the building, very well done.

    Posted by Lesley Dabson on Sat 17 Sep 20:31:16
  • I live in Blankenberge, about 15km from Bruges. Every Tuesday, my husband and I take the day off and at least twice a month we go to this beautiful city, shopping and walking, pretending we are tourists, although I studied for 5 years in Bruges (in the sixties!). This is a beautiful watercolour of one of the most visited and popular spots in Bruges. Well done! I really love it!

    Posted by Mia Ketels on Mon 19 Sep 22:04:58
  • We were there last July. It is a very special place and we loved it. I've no doubt we will be back. Thank you for your kind comments. It took about 40hrs in bits and dabs.

    Posted by Paul Hatton on Tue 20 Sep 10:50:11
  • You certainly know how to capture the light. Quite an impressive and an extensive gallery.

    Posted by Pat Harrison on Sat 18 Jun 07:24:57
  • This is a very nice and accomplished painting, I like everything about it, I can see the amount of work and concentration required to finish a scene like this, well done Paul. Great gallery too!

    Posted by Michael Porter on Sat 18 Jun 08:27:08
  • Thanks for all the encouragement everyone.

    Posted by Paul Hatton on Sat 18 Jun 15:01:03