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  • A beautiful woodland scene, Charles, with wonderful light through the trees. Reminds me of many woodland areas near where we live - when the sun shines...

    Posted by Jane Adams on Sun 21 Aug 15:58:17
  • Lovely gentle painting. Water and trees beautifully done! (Much prefer this your charcoal postings!)

    Posted by Ann Cook on Sun 21 Aug 16:12:04
  • I have painted in many media, but never ink....for many decades.....what a beautiful painting with the light coming through the trees and no overuse of heavy green...I have acrylic inks somewhere, bought but never tried....your paintings have inspired me to dig them out......and have a go.

    Posted by Mary Howard on Sun 21 Aug 16:14:00
  • Would never have thought of using inks to paint - but you have inspired me as well as Mary! so thanks for that Charles - lovely painting!

    Posted by Debs Jones on Sun 21 Aug 16:42:01
  • Very peacefull image Charles, as Jane says, the light shining through the trees is very effective.

    Posted by Stephen Slater on Sun 21 Aug 17:16:29
  • What a stunning painting Charles..... I had my first go with coloured inks last weekend whilst out painting with a friend. The inks were hers and she gave me a shot with them.......won't post the results as I made an awful job of it. But it has wetted my appetite for coloured inks.

    Posted by Fiona Phipps on Sun 21 Aug 19:20:39
  • Absolutely gorgeous, you can feel the sun shining through the trees :)

    Posted by Sarah Bottjer on Sun 21 Aug 20:46:59
  • I agree 100% with the above comments, Charles, this is just wonderful. Beautiful sunlight shining through the trees!!!

    Posted by Mia Ketels on Sun 21 Aug 21:46:46
  • Excellent painting Charles, I am impressed by your skills

    Posted by Petra Palmeri on Mon 22 Aug 00:34:23
  • Superb painting Charles never worked in inks - you have certainly mastered it.

    Posted by Michael Edwards. on Mon 22 Aug 05:51:15