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  • If this is your first go with charcoal Charles, I should carry on, I think this is a good effort. Charcoal is a lovely media is'nt it?

    Posted by Stephen Slater on Sat 13 Aug 16:39:42
  • Great! I think I'll rummage through the bottom of our barbecue!

    Posted by Ray Jeacock on Sat 13 Aug 17:01:24
  • I think this is great ,

    Posted by Alan Owen on Sat 13 Aug 18:33:59
  • Odd - it's never even occurred to me to use charcoal on watercolour paper: I've often used it on cartridge paper, especially Daler Rowney's excellent red and yellow covered sketchbooks, still amongst the best you can get. It's a very rewarding medium - on its own, or with Indian ink, or acrylic, coloured inks, watercolour, oil pastel: you've got to fix it somehow or other, or it just blows away. Charles, get the best charcoal you can - you shouldn't be reduced to barbie charcoal .... so much more depth and richness and versatility in a box of willow charcoal, and it still costs hardly anything. Do you ever use conté crayon, as well, or carbon pencils (Wolff's are good)? Great ways to produce quite complex and rich work with simple materials accessible to everyone: AND they'll never fade!

    Posted by Robert Jones, N.A.P.A. on Sat 13 Aug 18:35:26
  • I really like using charcoal Charles, you can produce good atmospheric effects as you have here. Like it, do some more.

    Posted by Fiona Phipps on Sat 13 Aug 22:55:06
  • Well Charles you have made a very good of your first try with charcoal. The use of the watercolour paper has given the sky a nice texture.

    Posted by Denise Butler on Sun 14 Aug 15:14:51
  • I can see you can paint with any medium! Lovely painting

    Posted by Petra Palmeri on Sun 14 Aug 16:52:20
  • Good command of charcoal and a good subject to pick, let's see some more please.

    Posted by Liam Reilly on Wed 17 May 00:28:34
  • Greetings, investigate by countless pages of museums I have noticed the price of contemporary works of art such as Iris Verhc, Daniel Concepcion, Gabino Amaya cacho among others. Giving me account that his works surpass the thousands of euros in the market. Some can explain how they value those paintings and if possible a person like me who is starting in the art world can get to give that value to his works thank you very much.

    Posted by derek bernahe on Wed 04 Oct 02:56:33