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Portrait of Johnny

Portrait of Johnny


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  • Lovely skin tones. Just my opinion, i would change the background from brown, no contrast with the hair.

    Posted by Lorraine Paris on Wed 10 Aug 15:00:21
  • Thanks for your comment Lorraine. I did consider making the background lighter but decided I really liked the contrast of the face and shirt against the dark hair/eyes/background. I also wanted a bit of a change from my other portraits.

    Posted by Sheridan Ward on Wed 10 Aug 17:06:42
  • A beautifully handled portrait, Sheridan, as are the others in your gallery. I understand Lorraine's comment and your reply. The little highlight at the top of the head may have done the trick.

    Posted by Lionel Simister on Wed 10 Aug 18:27:11
  • Thanks lionel, it's really good to get different people's views. I've varnished the portrait this afternoon and the colours have become much richer - which you can't really see in a photo. The highlights in the hair are much clearer and do lift the portrait.

    Posted by Sheridan Ward on Wed 10 Aug 18:41:04
  • What great portraits! It shows you like doing them!!:)Linda

    Posted by Linda Easter on Wed 10 Aug 21:45:49