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  • Sophie Ellis Bexter? The name Sophie gave it away but I'm sure it's her! It's a lovely drawing, really well done. I much prefer the finished version as I knew that I would. The one without the eye was a bit unsettling and this one is gorgeous. The time you spent was worth it, well done!!!

    Posted by Louise Naimian on Wed 03 Aug 15:59:20
  • Correct Louise ! Thanks for the compliments, & yes I'm glad I carried on with her, the drawing that is!

    Posted by James Lazzari on Wed 03 Aug 16:08:28
  • You have captured her face shape and eyes very well James, well worth carrying on with it.

    Posted by Carole Swingler on Wed 03 Aug 19:15:01
  • Thanks Carole! - I've always found S.E.B. fascinating, but we wont go into that here ;-)

    Posted by James Lazzari on Wed 03 Aug 20:07:51
  • Well done, James! I think it was definitely well worth the continuation. It's just super!

    Posted by Seok Yam Chew on Thu 04 Aug 05:53:31
  • Thanks very much Seok! (I appreciate that) Paypal Ok? lol

    Posted by James Lazzari on Thu 04 Aug 07:44:08
  • I Showed this to my Father-in-Law Horace (97) yesterday & he said the eyes weren't right! He was correct of course!, but I said they were like that in the photograph of her! Should I have corrected this? (I may have slightly exaggerated the difference) It's bugging me now! :-(

    Posted by James Lazzari on Sat 06 Aug 04:25:32