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Sennen. SOLD

Sennen. SOLD


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  • I like the way you've framed the beach between the rocks in the foreground, and love the strong colours used to add to the feel of a sunny day, well done Steve.

    Posted by Debs Jones on Sat 30 Jul 08:46:20
  • Cheers Debs, After telling the kids to put cream on, they were on the beach, I burnt my legs up on the cliffs, no cream on. Had a great afternoon painting though, glad you like it.

    Posted by steve strode on Sat 30 Jul 08:56:34
  • Having not long been to Cornwall, I think you have encapsulated everything I thought about the landscape and coves. I can almost feel myself back there. You just got this one spot on and absolutely right - can't praise it more than that.

    Posted by Thea Cable on Sat 30 Jul 13:25:25
  • Cheers Thea, I'm sure you know that a sunny day down there is hard to beat for landscape painting. Thanks for your kind words. All the best, Steve.

    Posted by steve strode on Sat 30 Jul 15:05:20
  • Love this Steve, really get a sense of the beach, sea & sand......and of course the sun...ouch! I like how you have done the foreground, not fussy but lots going on.

    Posted by Fiona Phipps on Sun 31 Jul 12:06:10
  • Cheers Fiona, Just back from the Cornish cliffs where I painted this...I think I know where I'd rather be :-) All the best, Steve.

    Posted by steve strode on Sun 31 Jul 14:14:38
  • I do like this a lot - it has immediacy, and I do like to see acrylic used freely as it is here: it can of course produce very exact results, it can be worked over again and again (and again) but is always at its best, I think, when the artist's immediate vision comes across rather than the technical possibilities of the paint itself, if that makes any sense. I.e., it can do virtually anything, but that's no reason to force it to..... By the way - always use Factor 8 cream: sunburn causes a lot of deep tissue damage....this has been a public health announcement.

    Posted by Robert Jones, N.A.P.A. on Sun 31 Jul 18:39:20
  • Cheers Robert, makes perfect sense, I think the urgency of getting the painting down should override the technical capability of the paint no matter what the medium. I think I was more concerned with working quickly and the acrylic drying out too fast to even consider my skin may be doing exactly the same thing. I think painting outdoors is a very steep learning curve, but perhaps I should listen to myself about sun cream when I’m preaching to my kids. :-) All the best, Steve.

    Posted by steve strode on Mon 01 Aug 00:17:44
  • Beautiful view from the cliffs over the beach area, super rendition of the rocks and grassy areas, and great work down on the beach and the figures as well, lovely sky and sea

    Posted by Ros Patterson on Sat 11 May 20:36:10