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  • Brilliant.Great work.

    Posted by Andrew Woodhouse on Mon 18 Jul 17:46:15
  • Superb work - the whole feeling of snow blowing through the trees is amazingly well captured.

    Posted by Thea Cable on Mon 18 Jul 17:58:13
  • Another nice piece of work Charles, certainly makes me feel cold just looking at it, and reminds me of some of the weather we get during the winter up here in the North ! like your technique with the ink and for a first snow scene i can only say it WORKS !!! for me

    Posted by graham turpie on Mon 18 Jul 18:14:44
  • Don't tempt me, Charles. I am determined NOT to paint snow until at least October!!! Love your painting though!

    Posted by Ann Cook on Mon 18 Jul 19:25:31
  • Charles I love the blizzard effect you've applied to this snow scene.....Brrrrrrr!!!!! Great painting!

    Posted by Fiona Phipps on Mon 18 Jul 19:34:47
  • This is just fabulous, Charles! It's a departure from your signature greens, but it's just as eyecatching. I just love the way you so effortlessly distinguish the trees at varying distances with subtle shifts in tone. Thank you too for your very kind comment on my painting. I always get very puffed up with unadulterated conceit when someone who paints like you enjoys my postings and takes the trouble to leave a comment !

    Posted by Seok Yam Chew on Tue 19 Jul 04:58:48
  • It is a great snowy painting like Kirstie says and like her paitning it does make you feel the cold and damp its so well done for a first.

    Posted by Joy Lee on Tue 19 Jul 10:28:46
  • I can't believe this is your first snow scene it's great and Seok Yam has said it all far better than I could, though I hope we don't see the real thing for some time yet LOL

    Posted by Val Kenyon on Tue 19 Jul 10:33:20
  • Works perfectly for me, too. I find I have trouble in painting snow scenes in summer (even a summer as grim as this one has been for the most part) - can't say I've ever tried painting summery scenes in winter... But I'm SUPPOSED to be creating a design for someone's Christmas cards as we speak: and, well ... it's not Christmas! Just haven't got the feeling ... so any tips as to how to get in the mood?

    Posted by Robert Jones, N.A.P.A. on Tue 19 Jul 12:02:58
  • Robert,-- can not say I have got any tips on getting in the mood ---- me I just paint what Ilike when I like.--- If I have any problems at all---- soon sorted -- couple of glasses of malt whisky=no more problems.------- Blimey Robert this is a first , me giving you a reply

    Posted by Chas Wilby on Tue 19 Jul 13:50:29