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INK PAINTING. Woodland Walk

INK PAINTING. Woodland Walk


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  • Another painting by you Charles which I like very much, interesting about the medium you have used and for a first go with it I think it works very well, like the colours and composition and the way you have created the sort of atmosphere you remember when walking through a wood with the light filtering down through the trees, and thanks for your latest comments on my recent watercolours , as always much apreciated

    Posted by graham turpie on Wed 13 Jul 18:26:05
  • It's clear from the results that you've enjoyed this new medium, Charles - also clear that you are a skilled artist. The colours are so rich and beautiful. New laptop...that can take up lots of time - make room for some more paintings and some more postings here!

    Posted by Jane Adams on Wed 13 Jul 18:35:42
  • Very nice Charles. I like the fluid effect that you've got using inks. You're more pleased with the lap top though aren't you!

    Posted by Louise Naimian on Thu 14 Jul 18:12:39
  • Charles, that's brilliant - and I entirely agree with you about masking fluid, which I HATE - even though I know many don't, and I also know that I'm a Luddite. This is gorgeous, and even in a medium with which you're unfamiliar, you still get the same hot colours; how, I wonder, do you DO that? You really must do online lessons - you for acrylic, ink, gouache and oil, Alan Owen in watercolour: POL is missing a trick here: you're a wonderful painter.

    Posted by Robert Jones, N.A.P.A. on Sat 16 Jul 20:13:29
  • One of your best, Charles! The spontaneity and vibrancy of the painting is amazing. Really, really like it.

    Posted by Seok Yam Chew on Sun 17 Jul 17:01:23
  • Yep... You've out-Kerseyed Mr. Kersey here! This is super. I'd try ink myself... But I just spent an indecent amount of money on a new paint box! :) This work is seriously competent, and I love the range of greens you achieved. Nice one again. Regards John

    Posted by John Walker on Sun 16 Sep 13:59:15
  • I am an Artist and Tutor and I have been teaching art to adult students for over 25 years. I teach both privately and for The Adult Community College and a few times a year I give Art shows to local Arty groups. I am based in North Essex, although my roots are very much in Granada, in the south of Spain, where I grew up. I am primarily a self-taught artist, although I did two years at St Martins Art College, London. I am passionate about my art and teaching and love the use and play of light in my work of art and natural subject, capturing the essence of the scene in any medium I feel conveys this better, as I love it work on most mediums. I also like to experiment and learn from other new artist skills as I think one never fails to learn when it comes to methods and techniques of art. I have recently been pushing my own limits on acrylics with fellow artist Gabino Amaya Cacho and my greatest inspiration. Pinto because I love to paint, my greatest pleasure is to see others enjoy my teaching style and my own work of art.

    Posted by derek bernahe on Wed 04 Oct 02:57:51