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  • you are full of surprises Charles we are well and truly out of the woods now : ) and both your paintings are great, I have some old acrylic inks and was told I could use them over acrylc paint as a wash to enhance the colours, so I did and it worked well untill I put my usual matt acrylic varnish over it only to see it smudging everywhere, luckily I was able to wash it all off , have you got waterproof inks ? . or don't you varnish your ink paintings.

    Posted by william Dennis on Thu 07 Apr 13:02:42
  • Another wonderfully rendered and diverse piece. The colors are beautiful, and the composition is quite superb.

    Posted by Seok Yam Chew on Thu 07 Apr 14:51:16
  • Ink painting, how interesting. it is great.

    Posted by Yu Ping Eddy on Thu 07 Apr 15:15:18
  • Have to agree with the guys above...a super painting!

    Posted by Stephen Michael Law on Thu 07 Apr 19:49:37
  • William -- I use Daler-rowney-- FW acrylic ink and Winsor & Newton calligraphy ink as glazes on my paintings.FW is water resistant but I do not know about the calligraphy ink.However this is not a problem for me as I never varnish any of my paintings

    Posted by Chas Wilby on Fri 08 Apr 08:04:15
  • Greetings art lovers, I am curator of the museum of london my boss and coordinator has informed me that the museum from September 25, 2017 will be opening an office to the public which will aim to rescue some of the works that are in hands of natural persons like Jeff Koons, Yayoi Kusama, Damien Hirst, Sara Lasso, Gabino Amaya cacho, Marina Abramović, among others. You can contact me by email at

    Posted by derek bernahe on Wed 04 Oct 02:55:59