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  • Your portraits are getting better and better. You've put more shading on Alex's face than you did on Kates. This one is your best (apart from "Trouble' who's my all time favourite!) Alex has a lovely smile and the lines on her jumper are really well done. Also I like the way you've put her head at an angle which looks more natural. Well done! Louise

    Posted by Louise Naimian on Sat 12 Mar 12:09:45
  • Thanks again for your feedback Louise! Yes I'm also fond of "Trouble" :-)

    Posted by James Lazzari on Sat 12 Mar 12:52:14
  • I just realized that it's Alex from The One Show, that's why she looked so familiar.

    Posted by Satu Vartiainen on Sun 13 Mar 10:56:25
  • It's made my day that you know who Alex is Satu! She wasn't easy for me and I had to tweak her quite a bit....

    Posted by James Lazzari on Sun 13 Mar 12:49:29
  • Honestly, I thought it was her but I couldn't remember her name. This is turning in to "Guess Who" !!

    Posted by Louise Naimian on Sun 13 Mar 19:44:25
  • Good Game Good Game Louise! I was thinking of the title "Alex or Christine", but as it was Alex I thought I would be truthful! (as always)

    Posted by James Lazzari on Sun 13 Mar 19:57:27
  • This is your best yet James ...well done.I believe you have captured the peronality which is half the battle of portraiture! Sir Kyffin Williams would have been proud!

    Posted by dave phoenix on Fri 18 Mar 19:22:00
  • Thanks Dave - I appreciate your comment & I'll google Sir Kyffin Williams!

    Posted by James Lazzari on Sat 19 Mar 07:48:11