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Put your feet up or "Oh these shoes hurt."

Put your feet up or


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  • Wow!! Diana, what a magnificent subject. Beautifully perfectly painted picture. Did you have someone to pose for you or did you draw that from your imagination?

    Posted by Mia Ketels on Fri 04 Feb 22:24:08
  • Absolutely brilliant watercolour and I agree with Mia fantastically painted. I like the 'Put your feet up' title. Puts a whole new slant on the expression and so original! Jx

    Posted by Jean Lacey on Fri 04 Feb 22:40:52
  • Many thanks. These started out just as a one off and sort of grew. Mia It's a combination of all sorts of things, a photo twisted and manipulated, my own wedding dress, and believe it or not my husband's legs!!!!!!

    Posted by Diana Hudson on Fri 04 Feb 23:03:32
  • Another winner! I really like the way you use very analogous or monochromatic colors throughout the painting and yet manage to create depth and tone.

    Posted by Seok Yam Chew on Sat 05 Feb 03:02:52
  • I do believe that you have painted your husbands legs Diana, I was a little worried that they were yours first of all : ) you failed to make them feminine enough, I am somewhat of an expert I think having been a legman for most of my 71 yrs : )

    Posted by william Dennis on Sat 05 Feb 10:07:15
  • A great subject and I'd never have guessed .....! Beautifully painted and lots of fun.

    Posted by Avril Soldani on Sat 05 Feb 10:37:35
  • Hi Diana: good fun about your husband's legs! I tell you another story: for my "Little Witches"-series : "Eating together", "A moment of meditation" and "Halloween", I asked my husband to pose for me in his long dressing gown to see how the silky fabric looked like if people sit down and are leaning back. He even had to put his feet on a bucket to get the right effect!!!!! When I show those paintings to friends, I always put the photographs next to the paintings and we all have a good laugh!!!

    Posted by Mia Ketels on Sat 05 Feb 11:51:49