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  • Great stuff! He looks a real cool dude - very street wise! Love it!

    Posted by John McCloskey on Fri 23 Sep 15:09:41
  • I think he is saying " No,no,you've got it wrong ! Turkeys for Christmas,definitely TURKEYS ! Cockadoodle ooooooooooo !

    Posted by Andrew Woodhouse on Thu 15 Dec 09:00:09
  • Just spotted this one in the archives and love it! Really well drawn Fiona, super brushwork, well done, this is a good standard. Running late this morning but just about to start my Thames Barge sketch, just be a rapid mass of unruly lines I expect... let's see.

    Posted by Alan Bickley on Mon 01 Jun 08:39:26
  • Better as our Walloon cock in Belgium

    Posted by William Maurits Emiel Vandierendonck on Sun 16 Aug 15:43:05
  • Just seen this! What a cool dude he is. Did he get his ASBO because he was a rescue victim, Fiona????? Great!

    Posted by jennifer Alsop on Tue 01 Sep 19:06:51
  • I raised this lad and his sister from day old chicks.....he got his ASBO because he was very naughty! He was quite useful when cats came in the garden, he would see them off the premises.....and everyone else come to think of Thank you for your comment Jennifer.

    Posted by Fiona Phipps on Tue 01 Sep 19:23:08
  • I love this

    Posted by Kathleen Hancock on Tue 17 Nov 19:50:41
  • Thank you Kathleen, very kind of you to comment on him.

    Posted by Fiona Phipps on Tue 17 Nov 20:06:03
  • Colourful and full of character. Absolutely love this, Fiona!

    Posted by heather adams on Fri 15 Jul 19:08:52
  • The cheeky personality is portrayed in this lovely painting.

    Posted by sue strudwick on Fri 21 Jul 13:08:51