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Liverpool painting No. 108. Coburg Wharf. SOLD

Liverpool painting No. 108.  Coburg Wharf. SOLD


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  • I do enjoy your views of Liverpool Steve.

    Posted by tony challis on Sun 23 Jan 08:29:28
  • Another super painting. Well done.

    Posted by Stephen Michael Law on Sun 23 Jan 09:07:00
  • Thanks a lot Lads. All the best, Steve.

    Posted by steve strode on Sun 23 Jan 12:47:48
  • Love the light and colour in your paintings - I spent a day in Liverpool some years ago, at a housing conference; stayed in an hotel which later featured in a tv programme: what that tv programme didn't make clear was that it had many of the attributes of a knocking-shop... However, leaving that aside - at the time I found Liverpool a grey, grim, fly-blown place (blessed with all the experience of 36 hours, much of it spent in meetings). Your paintings prove how false a friend memory can be - I suppose I saw what I expected to see; you show a different side altogether, capturing the colour, the diversity, and the life.

    Posted by Robert Jones, N.A.P.A. on Sun 23 Jan 18:35:44
  • I missed this one. It's another very spontaneous, lively and atmospheric piece. I've never been to Liverpool (although I have supported Liverpool FC since my teens!), but your paintings transcend the location. I admire them from a solely artistic perspective.

    Posted by Seok Yam Chew on Mon 24 Jan 01:09:44
  • Love the light in this painting, and the jumble of boats. I have been trying to paint in this spontaneous style but can't leave my comfort zone!

    Posted by Fred Elwell on Mon 24 Jan 20:29:47
  • Cheers Robert, I think if you spend long enough wandering the streets the paintings are there to be found. Thanks Seok, Glad you're enjoying the location. There's only one team in the city by the way...Everton :-) Cheers Fred, Be spontaneous on just one painting, paint quicker than normal with a slightly larger brush, whats the worst that could happen? Thanks everyone. All the best, Steve

    Posted by steve strode on Mon 24 Jan 21:19:59