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  • No, but then I know little of contemporary chanteuses .... have you been a little over-generous in the chest department ...? It does look a little like a basket of melons, if I may be indelicate; or more seriously, the balance doesn't seem quite right: eg, there's a divide between the breasts indicated at the top which doesn't follow through to the lower portion of the figure, which means that there's a slight impression of there being something (or someone?) else in there. I think her left side rather dominates her right. The features are well done, but the eye does get drawn downwards.... Mind you, I'm having extensive therapy....

    Posted by Robert Jones, N.A.P.A. on Tue 28 Sep 11:47:51
  • Love your comment Robert thanks! I always do love reading your comments! Come on! I gave you TWO big clues (even though they may not be in proportion but I can assure you the size intended to be large) She's a very talented Lady - I wish I could match her in my artwork!

    Posted by James Lazzari on Tue 28 Sep 12:14:02
  • Came back to this James; can't imagine what drew me to it..... Now then; two big clues; well yes - yes, I can see those. Hard to miss, really. Now, you have to realize that I know very little of les chanteuses de nos jours, but the only one of them I know of who has these quite outstanding assets is Dolly Parton: and yet - can it be? Or do I merely betray my advanced age? Think yourself lucky I didn't say Mae West.

    Posted by Robert Jones, N.A.P.A. on Sat 02 Oct 21:16:17
  • Hello again Robert! BINGO! Yes it was meant to be DP! I may have a go at Kenny Rogers next, he has a nice head of white hair! (but alas flat chested) I also have a musician waiting in the weeds as well (clue) - so I will be busy busy busy.

    Posted by James Lazzari on Sun 03 Oct 15:54:22