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London Rooftops

London Rooftops


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  • A fantastic gallery and I love this one.

    Posted by Stephen Michael Law on Sun 29 Aug 18:50:45
  • I have to agree, loved them all

    Posted by Roger Bradshaw on Sun 29 Aug 18:55:26
  • This is great too!

    Posted by Avril Soldani on Mon 30 Aug 08:14:16
  • You are so kind to take the time to comment on my work. I have been intensely gratified by the attention these pictures have garnered. Thank you all.

    Posted by Thomas Jarratt on Mon 20 Sep 12:01:12
  • I am intrigued and impressed by your use of blue - a clear frosty day? - great pictures

    Posted by Kezia Noel-Paton on Sun 26 Sep 12:09:46
  • Kezia, thanks for that. I like to work from black and white photos as this means that colouration is entirely up to me. I will turn colour photos into B&W for this reason. This painting utilised a very limited palette; as close as I can remember it was burnt and raw sienna, a violet, sevre blue and, of course, titanium white. I lined out the scene in ultramarine and I was happy to leave scraps of this wherever it appeared. The original B&W was taken on a dullish, overcast day so the cloudscape is entirely invented.

    Posted by Thomas Jarratt on Mon 27 Sep 09:09:34
  • Beautiful use of a limited palette, super subject, love it!

    Posted by Lesley Dabson on Wed 04 May 13:53:06