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White Clematis

White Clematis


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  • I had another look at your gallery and I see that I didn't post a comment on this beauty. Wonderful painting of the sunlight on the white flower! Maybe (in my humble opinion) the yellow left upper corner is a bit too bright and overpowering the stunning flower. Otherwise: very well done, Cecilia!

    Posted by Mia Ketels on Thu 03 Feb 12:57:20
  • Thank you Mia for your comment. In general yellow does tend to jump forward so I shall have to watch that in future. I think I have overdone the sunlight. I must say though that it does show up more on the computer than on the original. Thanks again. Other people notice things which you don't in your own work so I do value comments. That is how to learn.

    Posted by cecilia payne on Fri 04 Feb 13:03:06