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River Ems

River Ems


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  • This is full of beautiful detail and looks magical Robert. An abundance of colourful marks. I love this.

    Posted by Carole Swingler on Mon 05 Apr 18:28:19
  • Yes I agree with Carole...Lovely detail , lovely harmonious colour.

    Posted by Ruth Dolan on Mon 05 Apr 19:33:47
  • this is a superb painting, the willow leaves are a perfect touch, really comes to life.

    Posted by tommy givnan on Mon 05 Apr 21:02:58
  • I expect Toad , Ratty, Mole and Badger to appear. Great pic.

    Posted by SYLVIA EVANS on Tue 06 Apr 10:12:11
  • A simple painting yet says a lot. Nicely achieved.

    Posted by Jeannette Harrison on Tue 06 Apr 11:44:23
  • Ratty! That's what's missing!

    Posted by Robert Jones, N.A.P.A. on Tue 06 Apr 11:57:35
  • How could you think this hadn't worked?!! I love the colours used, so restful, like Carole says magical. (I'm sure I can see Ratty peeping out from the undergrowth)

    Posted by Val Kenyon on Tue 06 Apr 17:19:50
  • Beautiful harmonies of tone and colour, lovely sparkly contrasts- vigourous like we were on the verge of Spring or something!

    Posted by Colleen Barton on Tue 06 Apr 18:28:40
  • I agree this painting has a magical quaility. I like the soft tones and complimentaries used in the foliage, and your lovely mark making describing the detail that brings this to life, not as you suggest a piece of glass and a frame (although I agree it can sometimes help.... )

    Posted by Lesley Dabson on Tue 06 Apr 18:58:21
  • It's strange how a piece can grow on you - a good reason for not chucking something in the bin in the first flush of disappointment. I think putting it in a frame enabled me to actually look at it properly - I had been getting green spots before the eyes, and couldn't see past them... as it were. Thanks to all for comments. I'm planning a return to this theme.

    Posted by Robert Jones, N.A.P.A. on Tue 06 Apr 19:05:48