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  • Diana, this is superb, the shadowing and silkiness of his coat, his muzzle, even the look in his eyes are so well painted. I think this is my favourite of all your animal paintings but then I'm a sucker for collies. Is this a commission?

    Posted by Val Kenyon on Mon 08 Feb 15:06:28
  • Thank you so much Val; no it's not a commission; just a picture for pleasure. Although I am devoted to a completely different breed I have to agree that collies have that certain something in their expression don't they? It's that intensity in their gaze. This is on Arches Aquarelle; first time I've used it. Found it very porous but dry brush works wonderfully.

    Posted by Diana Hudson on Mon 08 Feb 15:11:20
  • This is so beautifully painted. Agree with Val, this has to be my favourite too. Just superb.

    Posted by Julia Benning on Mon 08 Feb 15:19:12
  • I thought this was acrylic at first. Agree with all the above the coat looks very silky indeed. Gorgeous.

    Posted by Jeannette Harrison on Mon 08 Feb 15:36:27
  • You have captured the essence, as well as the image of the dog Diana...Great work..

    Posted by Robbin Hoodie on Mon 08 Feb 15:42:08
  • I love this, that look in the eyes is so lifelike.

    Posted by PAM SAWYERS on Mon 08 Feb 15:55:02
  • Thank you, I didn't realise until I looked at the photo just how shiny the coat looks. that's what I was aiming for but for some reason I can never see it till I get it online. Essence is what I was after Robbie; Border Collies are such characters. I've loosened up my style and hope it works.

    Posted by Diana Hudson on Mon 08 Feb 15:57:57
  • Meant to add that there's no black in this. Thin washof paynes grey for the highlights and paynes grey and burnt sienna for the darks to warm it up. A touch of burnt umber in the eyes. No other colours used.

    Posted by Diana Hudson on Mon 08 Feb 16:01:35
  • The others have really said it all.. glossy fur, super eyes, good compostion and all in watercolour. How fab are you.. well done Diana.

    Posted by angela angela on Mon 08 Feb 17:11:05
  • Oh I do like this! all been said, well done it's really super (and moving.. ).

    Posted by Avril Soldani on Mon 08 Feb 17:18:57