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Sylvia Made Me Do It

Sylvia Made Me Do It


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  • hehehe Very non PC these days. I love it

    Posted by Diana Hudson on Thu 19 Nov 14:45:10
  • And I am glad she did ! This is brilliant Robert.

    Posted by Beatrice Cloake on Thu 19 Nov 14:50:46
  • Very cute and well, very well. drawn.

    Posted by A.F. Branco Antonio Branco on Thu 19 Nov 15:40:18
  • Love it!

    Posted by Julia Benning on Thu 19 Nov 15:45:21
  • Love the attitude! Brilliant sketch.

    Posted by Ruth Dolan on Thu 19 Nov 16:30:38
  • Didnt beg...did dare,double dare. Love him, who is he based upon? which "fat rat"?? Fun.!!

    Posted by SYLVIA EVANS on Thu 19 Nov 16:38:50
  • He is based on the Great Ralph, whose oil portrait adorns my blog page. My first and my best rat who, given the chance, would have smoked cigars and did, whenever he could find it, guzzle alcohol. Don't care whether you begged or dared, so long as everyone knows it's your doing.

    Posted by Robert Jones, N.A.P.A. on Thu 19 Nov 16:48:54
  • did you thank her hi robert a great one ,,after my own heart

    Posted by Alan Owen on Thu 19 Nov 17:58:11
  • Love it and the humour behind it...I remember commenting on Great Ralph on your blog he's beautiful

    Posted by patsy king on Thu 19 Nov 18:12:17
  • Alan, Ralph would have thanked her; he was a gregarious soul. Patsy, he was indeed beautiful - not a word you'd normally think to associate with a rat. But he just was: and I do my best to use his image wherever I can and thus to ensure him of immortality. Immorality he had already.

    Posted by Robert Jones, N.A.P.A. on Thu 19 Nov 18:30:18