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Gorse, Ragwort, and Thrift

Gorse, Ragwort, and Thrift


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  • The low growing shrubs and grasses look really windswept and convincing. Great sky.

    Posted by Ronald Haber on Wed 18 Nov 20:29:40
  • I love it; I can almost smell the sea breeze

    Posted by Diana Hudson on Thu 19 Nov 00:31:22
  • You have a very distinctive style, recognised it immediately. A lovely painting for which I'd make room on the wall any time.Wonderful colours and textures.

    Posted by Avril Soldani on Thu 19 Nov 08:07:03
  • I agree with all the above comments, you really do capture the atmosphere, feel as though I could walk into it, lovely painting.

    Posted by Karleen Pearce on Thu 19 Nov 09:24:58
  • I agree... I feel the wind and scent the ozone! Nice work Robert. John

    Posted by John Walker on Thu 19 Nov 10:51:45
  • Agree with above comments. Another lovely beach scene.

    Posted by Carole Swingler on Thu 19 Nov 11:46:23
  • Very nice painting Robert.Great depth and atmosphere.

    Posted by Paul Beattie on Thu 19 Nov 15:08:48
  • Many thanks for all your comments: this was going into the bin until I took another look a few days ago and thought I could tighten it up; a touch here and a touch there turned into a complete repaint of the sky and sea, and the introduction of some stronger colour - and crucially, I think, darks - into the foreground. So don't throw things out, just put them away until you can see them properly would seem to be the message. I still wasn't sure about it, so your comments have been extremely helpful.

    Posted by Robert Jones, N.A.P.A. on Thu 19 Nov 19:30:23
  • Masterfully done once again. Thank you. Chi2

    Posted by Chito Gonzaga on Sun 22 Nov 00:20:34
  • Robert this is cracking. I can't see a single thing I don't like about it... Sky 10/10, sea 10-11/10, foreground 9.5/10. very, very strong piece. Wish I'd painted it.

    Posted by Ade Brownlow on Sun 22 Nov 12:49:58