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Knowles Farm, Niton IW, August 09

Knowles Farm, Niton IW, August 09


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  • Two clenched fists, muffled silent by the hush of ocean heather. Amazing textural study. Wonderful subtle flow of color. Superb! (Thank you for your in depth comments Robert- it was most welcome)

    Posted by Rod Stewart on Sun 15 Nov 22:29:29
  • Hi we loved the island we have a flat in Ventnor.I have painted some island animals!Your painting really shows the beauty of Niton.Very well painted.

    Posted by Linda Easter on Mon 16 Nov 09:27:54
  • Lovely fresh landscape, can almost hear the skylarks.

    Posted by Carole Swingler on Mon 16 Nov 10:26:43
  • I have just been looking at your portfolio. Your paintings are taking me places I have not and never will be able to visit. Your love all of them. I love the atmosphere your create in all of your paintings. Beautiful. Thank you very much for your positive input on my painting. I agree with you on having a painting framed. unfortunately it is so costly and to recover that cost makes the painting so much more expensive. I wish I had the time and the know how to frame my own paintings.

    Posted by Elizabeth Mynhardt on Mon 16 Nov 10:55:41
  • I have to agree with all the above comments especially Elizabeth (the atmosphere you create in your paintings) another truly beautiful painting.

    Posted by Karleen Pearce on Mon 16 Nov 11:00:47
  • Good form and colour. I like it.

    Posted by Alan Stevens on Mon 16 Nov 14:50:17
  • Robert - I love this piece. The take on the hillside is unusual, and compelling. The over all effect is Great!

    Posted by Skylar Brown on Mon 16 Nov 15:10:02
  • Robert - really like this one. Love the sky and the treatment of the grass is really sweet - the blur just evokes wind for me (and i mean that in a non-literal sense).

    Posted by Ade Brownlow on Mon 16 Nov 15:29:43
  • This is another smashing image Robert. I love the subtle colour blends and the unfussy composition. I can almost feel the fresh breeze on the hillside. Rods words summed it up beautifully. The strength and enduring nature of landscape often reminds me of say a sleeping giant... lovely thanks for posting it..

    Posted by angela angela on Mon 16 Nov 16:38:35
  • Thanks very much to all of you: as will perhaps be obvious from the time it took me to post this, I wasn't sure about it, and repainted it once to get it to this stage; not something I normally do, but I felt I could anchor the rocks and brighten it up a bit. I learned a lot from this painting; owe it a debt of gratitude!

    Posted by Robert Jones, N.A.P.A. on Tue 17 Nov 11:36:25