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Bridge at Harting

Bridge at Harting


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  • So much detail & colour......the colours blend well together.

    Posted by max lennox on Fri 11 Sep 23:15:33
  • A bit more detailed that your previous works, well done none the less.

    Posted by Chito Gonzaga on Fri 11 Sep 23:47:01
  • Loose and vibrant...may I rudley ask was the water so very blue?????I would have thought that it would have had more browns and darks in it with all the overhanging foliage and muted sky?

    Posted by SYLVIA EVANS on Sat 12 Sep 07:36:46
  • Hi Robert, we must be both in water mode ATM... just posted a stream one myself. I like this - especially your foreground foliage - the left bottom corner is awesome. I see where sylvia is coming from, but I always think water is seriously up for interpretation and I like the way you've rendered it here. I don't think your sky is particularly muted... so to carry the blue into the water makes senes. the trees are cracking BTW. Limited pallete? Cheers, Ade

    Posted by Ade Brownlow on Sat 12 Sep 09:49:36
  • Thanks all. I am having trouble painting still water just now - at least in oil and acrylic. Lost a bit of confidence, I think. I trace my (temporary!) decline to this painting - I have got very immersed in detail - although when you look, the detail in this is suggested rather than carefully drawn. I'd like to get away from this approach, but will post a few more of my recent pictures so you can see what I mean. Limited palette, yes: a bit over-dependent on pthalo green, by the look of it. And no Sylvia, I don't think the water was quite so blue - comes of using phthalo blue, which takes over. Does depend a bit on where the light's coming from, but there's not a lot of reflection in this water....

    Posted by Robert Jones, N.A.P.A. on Sat 12 Sep 10:47:47
  • Another nice painting, it!

    Posted by Raymond Ellis on Wed 16 Sep 01:28:02
  • I don't think running water reflects too much...I can see what Sylvia means about the water being blue but then that is artistic interpretation...I really like this painting I think it's got a lovely charm to it and it has movement

    Posted by patsy king on Wed 30 Dec 16:46:48
  • I have not been visiting these galleries lately and I have missed a lot on beautiful work being added ! Your gallery is getting extensive and of great value. I love this painting for its freshness of interpretation. Great work Robert.

    Posted by Beatrice Cloake on Sun 13 Jun 09:45:20
  • I think your work is very special.A great talent and so sensitive.

    Posted by Andrew Woodhouse on Tue 10 Aug 12:25:38
  • Have browsed your gallery Robert and it has been a lovely place to go this morning, certainly conveys great feeling and I keep coming back to Bridge at Harting. I think it comes off beautifully and I say if you feel certain colours on the day do it, its what I call the you part at that moment. Thank you for your comment on my Regatta, yes it is a bit blue isn't it.

    Posted by Angela Batchelor on Sun 05 Sep 10:24:22