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Mount Zion (sold)

Mount Zion (sold)


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  • Like your limited pallette.

    Posted by SYLVIA EVANS on Fri 26 Jun 15:28:42
  • Thank you Sylvia, I suppose it is a limited palette; I hadn't realised; I just painted it as it appeared to me. Come to think of it I only used viridian, lemon yellow, rose madder and ultramarine with a tiny touch of raw sienna on the doors and in the wall.

    Posted by Diana Hudson on Fri 26 Jun 15:44:18
  • Another lovely painting to add to the series. You are so good at drawing these buildings and getting the steps and railings just right. Your wall is very nice too with the different tones and colours of the stonework. Like the freshness and lightness of the trees and foliage. That little touch of purple (is it aubretia?) is a nice addition. Really well done.

    Posted by Thea Cable on Fri 26 Jun 21:43:24
  • LOL I hear the gardener in you; yes it is Aubretia. These two paintings are very different to the rest. This was in bright summer evening sun and I think the colours look washed out by the sun whereas the others were done in spring. Oops just notived the tops of the windows are slightly out. It really does help to see them online.

    Posted by Diana Hudson on Sat 27 Jun 00:22:59