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old olive pot - final version

old olive pot - final version


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  • Hi Marjorie, I think you have made a really good job of this still life. You asked people to be honest, well the only thing that disturbed me a little, was when first looking at the painting and one's eye travels around the image, the bread in the basket (at first glance) looked like a face mask and I had to look twice to see it was bread. Hope you don't misunderstand my well meant comments Marjorie. I think it is excellent.

    Posted by Norman Cooper on Tue 28 Apr 20:26:32
  • Well Norman, you made me giggle! - and I see what you mean - now I look I can see a face too. Oh well I'm off to correct that - seems like this painting won't lie down! Thanks for looking though.

    Posted by Marjorie Firth on Tue 28 Apr 20:32:48
  • Good painting. A couple of little gripes... The composition would have been better, in my opinion, if you had moved everything closer together. It is a bit fragmented. You're right on losing the focal point. The China and the jar seem to be floating just above the table. The textures are good. The jar is obviously earthenware. The china is delicate and the glass is very glasslike. Du pain, du vin, du fromage. What more does anyone want? I'm peckish now!

    Posted by Alan Stevens on Tue 28 Apr 21:34:31
  • This final version is a definite improvement on the first one (which was already good). I like the way the composition suggests that a rather nice meal has been laid out and is just waiting for the famished hordes to decend on it. I think you have made a really good job of all the different textures and hats off to you for choosing to tackle so many at once. I don't really find the composition fragmented, but then Alan knows more about these things than I do. My eye is drawn immediately to the glass of wine, probably because of the sharp edges which contrast with the background, so for me that is the focal point, not because it is the most important thing on the table, but more because the way you have painted it. The pot has much softer edges and so attracts less attention. This is a very nice still life, very well painted.

    Posted by Thea Cable on Tue 28 Apr 22:43:35
  • I love this painting, am drawn to wine glass maybe because of its placement or colour and I might leave out the jug and glass at edge as I love the fabric.

    Posted by norah blount on Wed 29 Apr 10:41:28
  • A labour of love - sounds like most of my stuff. Love the pot and the red wine glass (great light in the glass). The cloth is very well done also, nice creases. I think the grapes are very well painted but seem like an addition (not anchored to the table). Such a large painting - what a task it must have been!

    Posted by Carole Russell on Wed 29 Apr 11:41:17
  • Marvellous painting. Well done!

    Posted by John Smith on Wed 29 Apr 17:23:33
  • Thankyou all for your very honest comments - they are helpful. As I said, I approached this in all the wrong ways but pushed on to get something out of it. The biggest mistake I made was in the setting up of the subject, I didn't take enough time to do this properly and some of the elements were from my imagination( the cheese ). Next time I hope to learn from these lessons. Thanks again for your useful critiques.

    Posted by Marjorie Firth on Wed 29 Apr 21:10:59
  • I honestly think you have done a good job. You have many items in this still life and you have tackled them very well.

    Posted by Lorraine Paris on Thu 30 Apr 18:41:45
  • Wow!

    Posted by jennifer Alsop on Sat 18 Apr 20:17:57