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Fair View

Fair View


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  • Another lovely painting Diana, great perspective and nice lively colours.

    Posted by Norman Cooper on Tue 07 Apr 22:43:22
  • What a delightful painting & wth such happy memories no doubt.

    Posted by max lennox on Tue 07 Apr 22:51:02
  • Thank you both. I went back to doing too much detail on the stonework but despite that I'm happy with this one. I think I'll just tone down the black round that near door. It's surprising what jumps out at you when you put a picture online.

    Posted by Diana Hudson on Tue 07 Apr 23:03:26
  • Love the purple tones of the roof. Also the little splashes of colour from the flowers are a good contrast. I think you have done the stonework very subtly, especially on the middle cottage. Perhaps you could try a little of the variation of shade and colour on the end wall although you would have to be careful as this could make it look busy. I think this is a lovely sunny and harmonious painting

    Posted by Thea Cable on Tue 07 Apr 23:07:39
  • I love this painting! I could look at it again and again, happy colors in it:).

    Posted by Alina Vidulescu on Tue 07 Apr 23:14:55
  • Are these Lancashire cottages by any chance? Looks like lovely Lancashire stone work. Small point I am trying to establish what time of the year??? Some very winter trees and then some bright flowers and lots of foliage in the back ground? . Nicely painted.

    Posted by SYLVIA EVANS on Wed 08 Apr 05:56:24
  • Yes they are Lancashire cottages and the photo was taken just last week. The red flowers are a vivid rockery plant (don't know the name); the orangey flowers came out too bright on the photo but are the most orange daffodils I ever saw and the green foliage are thick hedges of privet. and hawthorn.

    Posted by Diana Hudson on Wed 08 Apr 09:06:02
  • I once read the definition of art was to produce something pleasing to the eye. Something you could live with !. This certainly qualifies for that. John Davies

    Posted by john davies on Sat 11 Apr 14:07:55
  • Another good one...I like what I see in your 'architectural' subjects...

    Posted by Phil Kendall on Tue 14 Apr 17:14:30