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The house where dad was born

The house where dad was born


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  • Pretty painting Diana - nice story and complimentary colours. Well done.

    Posted by Jeannette Harrison on Tue 07 Apr 15:58:36
  • I for one am very impressed with your gallery additions this month so far alone...this reminds me of similar cottages that once existed to the north of Huddersfield...their weavers cottages had the doorway and an extensive row of windows...I like what I see...bold clear-lines...strong colours...interesting subjects....

    Posted by Phil Kendall on Tue 07 Apr 16:01:33
  • Diana, really like the way you have made the purple the dominant wash. I think the variation in colour on the end wall behind the cottage is what you have been aiming for and it works so well. The variety in colour in the foliage also is excellent. I know what you have been trying to achieve and this is definitely on the right track. A really pretty painting and one with real meaning for you - well done indeed!

    Posted by Thea Cable on Tue 07 Apr 16:09:00
  • I like the colours you've used in this one and you've not overdone the detail. A nice story to go with it as well,

    Posted by Val Kenyon on Tue 07 Apr 17:25:59
  • Lovely painting Diana and such a good history

    Posted by patsy king on Tue 07 Apr 17:32:07
  • very beautiful, Diana. I love all the details in this, the shade next to the sidewalk, very nice.

    Posted by Alina Vidulescu on Tue 07 Apr 17:49:02
  • Thank you so much for the very kind and helpful comments. I was quite surprised at how purple this one turned out- it wasn't planned to be like that, it just happened. It's a lovely little cottage that gets overlooked. I'd love to see inside it. I'm still not sure about the purple, it really was a surprise ; I think I am getting used to it now LOL. What I do like and was very pleased about was the subtle shading on the road where it goes from light to shadow. I was rubbing out pencil marks and noticed it lifted the paint ever so slightly so I rubbed harder and it left the tops of the paper like a very subtle sparkle.

    Posted by Diana Hudson on Tue 07 Apr 23:38:26