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  • Hi Diana I love your Windfarm the way the shapes stand out against the sky as you described on your blog the sheep are lovely

    Posted by patsy king on Tue 31 Mar 16:00:43
  • Well painted Diana, look forward to seeing the rest of the views.

    Posted by Bill ( Bilbow ) Bowen on Tue 31 Mar 16:04:31
  • You have been busy! I don't mind the Windfarm either. Takes you right into the painting. Well done.

    Posted by Jeannette Harrison on Tue 31 Mar 16:32:12
  • Thank you so much for the lovely comments. The far distant hill on the right, where the green changes to blue is a very steep gorge that drops almost vertically from the moors down into the valley right where our house is so you can see; we have a view of the turbines all the time. I think the distant ones should have been paler. I will sort that out. Trying to show white turbines against a pale sky is difficult.

    Posted by Diana Hudson on Tue 31 Mar 16:49:01
  • You have managed to show the white turbines very well and I can tell that the blue in the distance is a shear drop on the side of the hill.

    Posted by Carole Swingler on Tue 31 Mar 17:30:35
  • Hi Diana wow a new portfolio all posted on the same day...I very much like what I see in it...I was hoping that the wind turbines were going to be quite bold...this would look good in portrait format...move sheep/lambs a bit to the left etc...more space for the turbines etc....I too look forward to more in this series. There is so much on our door-steps [that we take for granted] as it were that should inspire us paint will be gone one day but the painting will live on...

    Posted by Phil Kendall on Wed 01 Apr 11:40:06
  • I did spread out the posts and did no more than 2 at a time; also one was well after midnight when no one's around and has vanished already. I did the wind turbines like that because I wanted to show just how insignificant they really are in the landscape.

    Posted by Diana Hudson on Wed 01 Apr 12:09:48