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Sunset at sea

Sunset at sea


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  • Well done Daina for a first sea-scape. I like the use of reflected colour. A beautiful picture but you don't say what size it is. Barry.

    Posted by Barry Stebbings on Mon 16 Feb 19:46:58
  • Diana thankyou for your very high praise indeed on latest post, have left you a reply there. this is absolutley "SUPERB" for a first attemt whar a talent you are, it seems there is nothing or in any medium that you cannot do. i take my hat off to you, very...very...well done.for you a talented lady to say that my work is good, is high praise indeed. i feel humbled. kind regards.Rhian.(I-K)

    Posted by irene kemp on Mon 16 Feb 20:04:41
  • For a first attempt this is absolutely "BRILLIANT" like to see some more like this. Wish i could achieve a painting like this, you left us all behind. Congratulations!!!

    Posted by max lennox on Mon 16 Feb 20:24:24
  • Nice work Diana. I very much like the way you have painted the sky. Very well done indeed. Lovely colour too.

    Posted by Jeannette Harrison on Mon 16 Feb 20:43:55
  • Oh my word, thank you all very much.To be honest I did think of cropping it down and cutting out most of the sky which I don't like. I wanted light fluffy cumulous clouds and didn't feel I'd got them. I couldn't keep the pain damp enough to blend them in. I'm awful at skies. Can never work out where the dark parts of clouds should be. Sorry Barry, it's 16" by 12". I don't really do landscapes or the sea. It was just a photo I had my husband snap at long distance one evening while we were traveling down the motorway from visiting son at University. I cut out all the land and put in a beach instead.

    Posted by Diana Hudson on Mon 16 Feb 20:47:44
  • Hi Diana, a very nice seascape indeed for a first attempt. The sky resembles one I recently posted on my seascapes portfolio so I can understand what you mean about "getting it just right". Lovely painting, well done.

    Posted by Norman Cooper on Mon 16 Feb 21:45:52
  • I think the clouds are very nice and complemented the painting very much. The sun's reflection on the sea is very interesting too. Very well done.

    Posted by Lorraine Paris on Tue 17 Feb 08:02:03
  • This painting is just lovely. I like the colours and the way you have varied the blue in the sky. The sun looks great with that sparkle.

    Posted by Carole Swingler on Tue 17 Feb 09:39:46
  • HI Diana, thanks for your lovely remarks on -re- poppys, its a work i have never liked and also a very old pic. i have left you a reply on there, if you can find it again?? its in "NEW-WORK" PORTFOLIO, if that helps. kind regards.Rhian. (I-K.)

    Posted by irene kemp on Thu 19 Feb 09:47:21
  • If thats your first attempt, then I look forward to seeing your next work. Very well done.

    Posted by Bill ( Bilbow ) Bowen on Thu 19 Feb 16:32:14