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My big friend

My big friend


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  • I like the way you have done the tail & the texture of the painting is superb. Very well done

    Posted by max lennox on Mon 02 Feb 00:26:18
  • Thank you- it's hard to get movement into a wagging tail.

    Posted by Diana Hudson on Mon 02 Feb 01:05:26
  • I agree with max, that tail is superb, the texture is perfectly done.

    Posted by Nora Meyer on Mon 02 Feb 02:04:00
  • Lovely, lovely picture... you can read their minds from the tail wag.

    Posted by SYLVIA EVANS on Mon 02 Feb 06:37:17
  • What a beautiful picture the tail looks waggy to also reminds me of my two the little one is always looking at the big one like that while the big one pretends she's not there

    Posted by patsy king on Mon 02 Feb 08:39:19
  • Superb work! Best regards Paul.

    Posted by Paul Beattie on Mon 02 Feb 09:16:53
  • Hello Diana, this is just gorgeous, you do have superb talent in most mediums it seems. thankyou for your comment on my last post, i have left a reply there for you. best wishes irene.

    Posted by irene kemp on Tue 03 Feb 20:29:23
  • Hi Diana, My name is Shirlene, I am the owner of Sadie and a friend to Myjik and her owner Marilyn. I think it is safe to say that we were both thrilled when we saw how well you captured our dogs on canvas. You truly do have talent. This is a beautiful representation of our dogs at play. Thank you. Shirlene

    Posted by Shirlene Bettis on Wed 04 Feb 20:02:17
  • Hi Diana, I think the nice comment above from Shirlene says it all, very well done. (The portrait over the fireplace must be working, our Parsons Jack Russell won't go near it LOL LOL)

    Posted by Norman Cooper on Sat 07 Feb 09:00:04
  • This is lovely Diana, so soft and realistic. Vivien is such a great help to us.

    Posted by PAM SAWYERS on Fri 08 May 10:01:12