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  • This was painted when Harry was about a year old. Sadly he is no longer with us - he lived to be 13 but (3 years on) I can just about have his little painting on view. I'm the same with all animals - too sentimental I know.

    Posted by Marjorie Firth on Fri 02 Jan 16:23:18
  • Lovely painting. Not too sentimental, most of us are the same.

    Posted by Carole Swingler on Fri 02 Jan 19:24:29
  • Looks a gentle boy. I am usually like that too. But about 2 years ago, we suddenly lost our 5 yr old dog, about 6 hours before I was due to fly to UK (ill mother). I found myself sketching then painting our beloved was very cathartic

    Posted by Elizabeth Yuill Proctor on Tue 18 Jun 10:34:33
  • Gorgeous Harry dog, what a handsome boy, looking super comfy on his bed but very alert the same time!

    Posted by Ros Patterson on Wed 10 Jul 16:01:43
  • Hi Marjorie, thanks so much for your super comment on my Nelson Mandela pastel portrait, I am delighted that you think my pastel portraits have come on so much, and particularly the one of Nelson I wanted this one to be popular and it is proving to be so which is great.

    Posted by Ros Patterson on Wed 10 Jul 18:00:52